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Ismagilov Group is passionate about bringing creativity, science and technology to solve problems in global health. Members of our Group have backgrounds in chemistry, biology, medicine, biophysics and multiple areas of engineering—creating a rich, interdisciplinary and collaborative environment. We collaborate with other researchers, clinical teams, industry, and other stakeholders to translate our research into impact.

We are interested in interactions of microbes with the human host in a wide range of contexts, from infection to beneficial colonization to everything in between. For example, in the context of infections, we develop rapid diagnostics of infectious diseases (including several COVID-19 related projects). In another example, in the context of colonization, we work to understand the interplay of food, gut microbes, and biophysics in human health. One of our unique strengths is that we develop novel technologies to enable high-resolution quantitative measurements and computational analyses that haven't previously been possible, but are necessary to understand complex systems like the human-microbe interface.

We engage in both fundamental research (to understand these complex systems) and translational research to make real-world impact. Our lab culture is one of scientific rigor, creativity, collaboration, and strong mutual support.